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BiPolar disorder? or just a typical teenager?

Is this just normal teenage behavior, or is it bipolar? I'm 14, and both my dad and uncle have bipolar, but never really have gotten proper treatment. My mom's family uses it as an insult (for other reasons though, because of other family issues), and so I would almost feel ashamed if I had it. Are these symptoms? People with bipolar, is this what you've witnessed?

-I'll feel extremely happy one moment and confident in myself, and then I'll see something on television about people doing something I wish I could achieve, and then I feel worthless. Sometimes this happens 2-3 times a day, at worst.

-I'll go through time periods where all I want to do is sleep, and other times where I HATE sleep. Right now, I could fall asleep, but I don't want to. I'll go to bed at 2:30, and wake up at 9:30.

-Some days I feel like exercising 3 times a day, then other days I don't feel like exercising at all.

-I'll really want to do something like go shopping with my friends at times, then others, I just feel like not talking to people and being alone for a while (a couple weeks typically).

I've seen some symptoms online, but these are some things I've had unanswered myself. So do you think I'm just overthinking this?

Sorry if it's long. If people with Bipolar could give me advice/opinions, I would GREATLY appreciate it:/


I do know it is not depression, only because I don't truly feel depressed. There will be times I feel down, but never is it all of the time, days on end. About 70% of the time, I actually feel happy:)

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    That kinda sounds more like depression than bipolar disorder

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    Bipolar reasons severe united statesand downs. It reasons you to enhance into bored contained in the flaws you ordinarily cherished doing. The innovations of being anorexic require a diagnosis by using a expert and the melancholy no one else yet a psychiatrist could make this diagnosis. It seems such as you could want some help.

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    Its not bipolar disorder I know that. Some of it is typical teenager. Behavior but also ssome could be like borderline personality

    Source(s): Myself dealing with it
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