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My new puppy?? Supposedly a St.Bernard/German Shepherd mix (=?

Hello, I just adopted an adorable "St.Bernard/GSD mix". He is 7 months old and his previous owners didn't have enough room for him because they lived in a small house in town and he's already 110+ lbs. He's about 29-30 inches @ the shoulder and he had double dew claws which they had removed. He is already fixed as is our other dog.

We live out in the country and so we decided to adopt him as a companion for our other VERY large breed dog. Just out of curiosity, is it possible for St.Bernards to have double dew claws?? I am convinced that he may be mixed with Great Pyrenees instead. He's longhaired but was shaved for the summer. He looks A LOT more like the German Shepherd in him except for his tail, size, and dew claws. So that's my question: Can St.Bernards Have Double Dew Claws?? Thanks in advance!! Just wanted some info from you guys!!

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    Yes they can I couldn't find a good link to post but my neighbors have a St.Bernard and he has double dew claws. I also have a Great Pyrenees/German Shepherd mix and she has double dew claws. I hope this helped a little.

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    A picture would be helpful at least for me. I own a St Shepherd and is sixty pounds at six months. I think that he may be mixed with something else, but as a mutt they can vary in size. I think the best way to tell is going to be the temperament. My pup has the attitude of the Saint, and the brains of a shepherd. She also is lanky, but has the huge head.

    I think I am going to end up with a small one. As far as care goes, I'm sure you know it but he will continue to grow until about 2 and is not done yet.

    Double dew claws are common in the great Pyrenees, although saints can have them as well. Anatolian shepherds are another common breed and look like a st shepherd mix.

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    I never heard of a St. Bernard having double dew claws.. But you never know! I've met some Rottweilers with double dew claws.. strange right?? I guess it maybe, varies? I have a Bernese Mountain Dog/Great Pyrenees mix that has double dew claws but were removed when he was a pup, before I got him due to health reasons. there are a few other dog breeds such as the Estrela Mountain Dog (which I'm in the process of adopting!!:D so excited!) so you might want to google it! :)

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    As far as I know it is possible. Both dogs are just as likely to get them, its not necessarily breed specific.

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