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Could I be a successful doctor? ?

It sounds like a good idea just because of the money but that's my only motivation; money.

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    I'm a med student and I am going to say that you are in the wrong profession and if you're only motivation is money then it shows that you are greedy and you won't be happy being a doctor. If you have an interview for med school and you say 'I want money' then they're not going to be happy (even though I'm sure there are some medics to do it for the money). But for a doctor you have to become one because you are passionate about saving people's lives, making a difference in the community, helping others and you like anything to do with medicine and science. A lot of people only see the good sides of a doctor (having dr. in front of your name, the money, the respect of people, you're like God saving lives and you can travel all over the world) but really there are negative aspects that you need to consider (working long hours, on call, dealing with death, dealing with rude staff and limited family time & social life). Also, if you don't have any motivation for your chosen subject then I doubt you will even get your door through med school which in my opinion getting a place at university is the hardest, as they receive applicants from all over the world with the experience and stellar grades. When you graduate medical school you graduate with quite a lot if debt, so you won't have a lot of money to start off with, and if you want more money you will have to work your way up - surgeon, registra, consultant and head of departement which takes many years and is no easy feat. If you want a lot of money then there are other jobs you should consider - starting your own business, business consultant, lawyer or banker. But anything to do with business and banking would be your best bet. Good luck

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    If all you want is money, then there are easier ways to get it than going through medical school and graduating with about $250,000+ in school debt. You won't make very much money at first as a doctor, as the interns and residents are paid much less and work far more hours until their residency in completed. Pays off in the end, but you won't be seeing much of that money until much later. Plus, the amount paid to keep your medical liability insurance active (which can be over $100,000 a year depending on your specialty).

    Something in engineering will probably make you very nice money (something in the 6 figures) without nearly as long a commitment to school and without nearly as much debt. But economy today is a little tough for graduating computer engineering and other engineering students. You may have to move far from home to get the job in your field.

    I can't say if you'll be a successful doctor. But if all you want is money, and making lots of money is your only definition of success, then yes, being a doctor usually is a successful choice.

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    Sweetheart, you missed the boat.

    By the time you are trained and ready to practice, we may all be government employees. Some specialties - especially the primary care ones - are finding it hard to make a living at all with the way things are going.

    Look at what Congress has done to physician reimbursement by Medicare. It was bad, and continues to be cut, as expenses go up. Do the math.

    The ROI is not nearly as good as many other professions or careers.

    That, and we don't want you if money is your motivation. You'll make a lousy doc.

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    Yes, if you can get through medical school. But to be really good, you need to be interested in the subject matter--human anatomy and all its systems, medicine, modes of therapy, and so on. If you can get into that and get actually interested in it, then yes. Medical school is not easy. So you need to want it a lot. There are many ways to make money. Having your own business, making it successful, is one of the big ones.

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    If I were still on the medical school admissions committee, I'd let you right in - as a cadaver.

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