Is it okay to call him cute?Is this flirting okay?

I have a crush on someone And my aunt call him cute the other day and he blushed so I wanna go up there and try talking to him more I wanna call him cute I wanna say something like"so my aunt told me that she called you cute,how's it feel to be cougar bait" " I was surprised she said that I mean YOU ARE VERY CUTE/ADORABLE/HANDSOME (you choose) but i wouldn't expect her to be so bold.and judging by the fact that your name is _________ it makes you more adorable your mom is awesome for naming you that I am pretty awkward but I've gotten use to talking to him and when I do talk to him he smiles he works at a store btw!!!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    it is totally fine to tell him!!! if he doesn't seem to like what you said or feel awkward, then he is not the right guy for you. if not, he likes you

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