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What should I do now?

Well yesterday I sent my best friend Mary this txt

Hey ik its like 2am but i cant sleep becuase of this and i havent been able to for weeks,im sorry i cant tell you in person but i feel like ive gotta tell you now plus id like to be able to sleep for once,and im sorry if this makes things weird between us but i gotta tell you so again im sorry,i have a huge crush on you,i have since we met,ik it sounds stupid but i would say its someone else when ever we talked about me liking a girl becuase it was really bothering me and i didnt trust anyone else to talk about it,i think your really pretty and your with out the most awesome girl ik,ik your like my baby sister and i love you to death and i always will as my baby sister but i still really really like you,ik ill probably always just stay your friend and that sorta sucks but I'll just be happy knowing that your still my friend,ok thats all i had to tell you,sorry if this woke you up,if it didnt then sweet dreams mary,i guess ill talk to you later(or not depends on if you still want to talk to me) ok so bye mary sorry this was so long 


I meant all of it,but now I'm just not sure what I should do…?do I wait for her to txt me back or what? I'm just wondering,thanks,bye

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    just wait her to text back. dont push it or she can get angry. just be patient. good things come to those who wait. you have said what you needed to say and thats the best to do at this point.

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    9 years ago

    yes sir!!!! you wait 4 her 2 text you.

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