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My ex keeps staring at me yet he tries really hard to avoid me and is acting like a douchebag?

This is my ex from 1 year ago. We were together for 2 years. We were each other's first love and first sexual experience. Anyways, we kinda ended on rocky terms cause his mom was a b*tch and didn't like me at all.

The main point is we go to the same church. He's a musician so he's part of the church's band. I sit in the from row of the pew so I always catch him looking at me. He stares at me A LOT. looks me straight in the face, like no shame. I have no idea why, and what confuses me the most is that he ignores me a lot. He almost as if looks like he's trying to avoid me too hard, like he goes out of his way to dodge me a lot if I happen to be near him. I won't even step an inch anywhere near him or have the intention of talking to him yet he'll still be shady and make it heka obvious he's trying to avoid me (or so i think)

He's never been rude, or a jerk, and all of a sudden he's turned into one. I got tired of his behavior and I sent him a mssg on fb asking him wats up. I kinda said "im sorry" if I did anything for him to be acting that way towards me and that I don't want there to be any tension between us. That was like earlier today and he hasn't replied back and I know he's been online.

If he doesn't care about me then why does he stare at me a lot, it confuses me. And why is he acting like a douchebag? He also knows my grandpa is really sick right now and I need some support, yet he hasnt made an effort to call me, or even reply to my fb mssg. I was actually trying to be nice to him!

Please any perspectives from guys would help!

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    If the only reason you two broke up was because of his mom, then he obviously still has some pretty strong feelings for you. He was obviously very very very shook up from the break up, I could imagine. Being in a relationship for the first time, and having your first sexual experience with someone is a very intimate thing. I really don't think he is intending to be a douchebag, rather I feel as though he just doesn't know how to handle his feelings for you.

    I know you said you reached out to him on facebook, which is a good thing, but he's probably afraid of getting attached to you again or starting up a relationship again. Seems silly, but as most guys will tell you that you never go back with your ex. It just ends up bad. Probably not fair for you, but that's how I would feel. Not to mention he probably needs time to process the facebook message. Probably talk it over with one of his friends. He is weighing the pros and cons of sending you a message back etc. etc...

    Hope this helped.

    Cheers :)

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    because he wants to get into your pants and misses it.

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