Okay so ive liked this for a long time. he keeps screwing me over . hes basically ******* with my feelings. i know he likes me sometimes. but its too logn to explain. we were suppose to go out 3 times. but idk what happend. then a while back he picked this other girl over me but they broke up. and we started talking again. and its like he just doesnt care. he acts like he likes e tells my friends he likes me but then says he doesnt after awhile and he says he just got out of a relationship (thats his excuse because hes still hooked on his ex) and like once i went over his house and he was tryin to kiss me and stuff..... like its obvious he likes me a little. but he wont admit it just incase his "love of his life ex" likes him again. should i just stop responding to his texts and stuff and ignoring him for awhile so he relizes that he cant just have me when he wants me. ?

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    He is a player. But defitantly ignore all his text and him for a while and see where it all goes. Trust me this is the best solution!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes. Do not answer him. Show him how it is without you.. But don't completely ignore him. Say hi to him in person but not through a text message. Sooner or later he will come to you if he has any type of interest in you.. And if he keeps sending you mixed signals just ask him what his deal is. I hope I helped in some sort of way. Good luck with everything:) (and don't deal with his ex in any way)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    don't ever think of doing that, the truth is that both of you are now back for good.let him be judge by his heart.

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