what to do when a guy wants to vent about this?

baby mama/exgf problems? we r working toward a relationship.... plz dont go all "dont get with him" on me. if this is the wrong move for me then i need to learn it the hard way. im open to this bc its the way it was with my parents. anyway, hes "let me in" on other aspects of his life and i was able to give him advice he seemed to take (and vice versa) but when he brought this up, i didnt know what to do/say bc ive never been thru it.... i guess i need a guys opinion on what to do the next time this happens? i basically just listened this time and it seemed to make him feel better just to have that? i just want a guys pov so i am better prepared next time? serious answers only please.


he rarely vents... he is usually a happy, funny guy around me:) we r always making each other laugh/smile etc.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Venting = Whining.

    If he complains again, tell him he's a smart guy and he will figure it all out. Then change the topic. You said your supportive comment, now it's time to talk about something else. You are not his therapist and you are not his lawyer. He has to deal with his own problems.

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