Are there any documentaries or videos for the failed Superman lives movie?

Hey guys I was wondering if there were any documentaries or videos that discuss the failed Superman lives movie in some detail. I am not really referring to short interviews or interviews where it just pops up. I really want to see an in dept discussion with people like Kevin smith, nick cage, tim Burton, the producers, essentially anyone that was involved in the failed attempt. Does a film like this exist or am i being to hopeful. Thanks for any help in advance.

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    so far as I know the only 'video' discussing the film would be a part of one of Kevin Smith's "Evening with Kevin Smith" Stand up/one man show specials

    in it he discusses the giant spider that eventually was used in Wild Wild West, the 'gay' butler bot, and the lack of powers/costume etc (a similar story is told about most every super hero film at some point in production; mind you)

    but really the project never got far enough to warrant a full fledged documentary... IF I recall Burton as Director, Cage as Superman and Smith as primary writer were the only 'hires' with Smith writing on 'spec' and Cage getting Paid even though it failed

    -- keep in mind that in the 00's on the build to Supermna Returns and Xmen 3 that Bryan Singer and Brett Ratner the repsective directors had actually been on deck to direct the other film... but through a series of deals anded up "trading"

    -- Smith only talks about briefly in the context of how stupid producers can be, and that despite that stupidity they still get their way one way or another

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