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I did a rude thing today, and I feel very guilt. What can I do?

I am a foreign student and just arrived the U.S. one week ago, but when I take the metro back from D.C. I did a very stupid thing, I took an occupied seat undesignedly. I really didn't take notice of the seat has owner already, because the madam just go to the door side to see the map and the metro go into the station at the same time,there were too many people went in and out. When the madam back, I didn't recognize hers unit a man stand up and yell at me. His speech is too fast and because English is not my mother tongue, it took me a very very long time to understand that what a stupid and rude thing I did.

Even though the madam is very kind and warmhearted, she forgive my mistake and talk to me kindly and clearly to relieve my guilt, but I still feel very guilt when I back to my house because it is also a very stupid and rude thing in my hometown.

I still feel very guilt and I can't go to sleep because I'm really shame on myself, what can I do?

And I am a newcomer, could you please tell something what I can do at next time to avoid the embarrassing situation?


Thank you very much! You All are so kind! I am feel much better now.

That guy is a nice guy, he is a really gentleman to the madam. It is my fault, he is right. The only problem of him is his fast speech, but it can not be a fault because there is his hometown, right?

As a newcomer, I really need your help to teach me some useful way to avoid these shameful situation. Thank you.

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    Aww it's okay. I know it's very hard being in a new country full of strangers. I thought it was very rude for the man to yell at you. It's alright because you didn't know. Don't feel bad about it. It was a mistake and you learned from it. Now you know what to do, so it actually helped you in end:) Don't worry about it

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    Nothing you did could be considered shameful. It was a simple mistake and the lady wasn't the least upset about it. The yelling man must of thought raising his voice would help you understand English. That is too funny. Don't waste another moment worrying about this very small matter.

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    Dont Worry. A mistake is a mistake. I recomeend you take an advil so you can sleep & feel better. It's okay & the woman think it was okay since she was calm. IT NICE FOR U TO CARE & that what matters (:P

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    You didn't do anything wrong you made a mistake that man should not have yelled at you

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