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How to tan pale skin?

I want to get a dark tan this summer, I have pale skin and I live in NJ so it's usually really hot in the summer. Recommend products, specific ways to get tan, etc. No self tanner though. Thanks(:

Oh & if you have/had pale skin and got dark tan then let me know how you achieved your tan

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    GRADUALLY and CONSISTENTLY. You have to set apart time every day. 30 minutes the first few days then 1 hour per day after that.

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    If you want a beautiful, natural looking tan that doesn't look like you have applied creams or gone to a salon, use a sunscreen that has SPF 4 so you can limit the chance of burning your pale skin but still get a tan and sit everyday outside in the sun for 30 minutes to an hour. You can also spend a day outside or at the beach, I always found I bring home a great tan after spending a day at the beach.

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    I used to have pale skin and I've always had the problem of keeping a tan. What someone told me to do was go to a tanning bed and do 3 sessions of 5 minutes throughout one week. This will get you darker then you can either increase the tanning bed time or tan out in the sun which is what I do now.

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    when i was really pale i just went to a tan salon and started out at like 4 or 5 mins in the booth and every other day would increase the time by 2 mins. I just got a cheap lotion.

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    I have pale skin too!

    I would recommend that you use a self tanner. When I get tan, I also get freckles and beauty marks. A few freckles and beauty marks are cute, but too many are annoying! Here is a site with self tanner recommendations:

    I hope this helps!

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    I say spray tan! Check out yelp to find the more trustworthy locations near you. Its healthier then the booth.

    Source(s): Spray tanning for the past year.
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    put baby oil on your skin it makes you tan faster! but be careful if your pale you will burn super easily at first

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    spray tan!

    before you get one done scrub your entire body and use as thick mositurizer.

    after you get it done the next night start GENTLY scrubbing your entire body and moisturize daily to keep from patchy skin

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    Wake & Bake . Or Tanning Lotion . (:

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