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Poll: Would you rather live forever being ugly, or be hot in one life time?

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    Being ugly would not mean an empty life for me, and being "hot" would not necessarily be the only way to get sex or love. With life there is always hope, but with death there is nothing. Therefore, I would much prefer to be alive to being dead.

    I want very much to be able to live as long as possible, even forever, for the basic reason that I love life and I think that I have only scratched the surface of all that I can possibly experience and know in the world. I much prefer being alive to being dead. Aside from the fact that life is great, however, I am eager to see the progress of technology, of humanity, and of space travel. I believe that the future will be even more exciting than the present, which I already enjoy. I don't think it is realistic to think that life would not change -- that progress of technology would halt -- but if that did happen, I would still like to live as long as I could.

    Although I think it is possible to live thousands of years, I don't think that it is possible to live forever. But if I do succeed in living thousands of years, that will give me lots of time to see if it is possible to live longer, perhaps forever (as unlikely as that seems). Regenerative medicine and rejuvenation technology hold great promise and are making great progress, although it remains to be seen whether these technologies will be available in our lifetimes. A comprehensive approach to rejuvenation is SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence).

    I am hopeful that rejuvenation technology will be available within my life, so that I will not age. As a backup, in case rejuvenation technology is not available in my lifetime, I have made arrangements to be cryonically preserved. That way, I can be preserved until medical science not only achieves rejuvenation and cures for all diseases, but the ability to repair cryopreservation damage. (Hopefully, I would be vitrified, and there would be no freezing damage).

    If people can be killed, they are all going to die eventually, which is noting like living forever. If all diseases were cured (including aging) and war was eliminated, then the causes of death would be accident, suicide or murder. In the United States in 2006 accidents were responsible for 5.0% of deaths, suicide for 1.4% and homicide for 0.8%. Assuming that you were determined to live forever, suicide could be ruled-out as a cause of death. I have heard it said that if only accidents and homicide were causes of death, that a person might be expected to live over a thousand years. (Dividing 80 years by 0.06 gives 1,333 years, but that may not be a mathematically valid operation.)

    The Sun is getting to be increasingly hot, and by a billion years from now it is expected that the Earth will be too hot for liquid water to exist. That should give plenty of time to move to Mars, and outer asteroids, however, as well as building colonies that simply exist in space or revolve around increasingly distant planets. Eventually, other stars will have to be found. The stellar phase of our galaxy will begin winding down in about ten trillion years. In the meantime, one must avoid hazards like being hit by asteroids, meteors or comets, supernova, black holes, and probably lots of other things we cannot imagine. It seems inevitable that something is going to kill you that you cannot predict or control. Ultimately, there will be "heat death" of the universe, in 10^100 years (ten with 100 zeros).

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    Ask your self this question two times! The question really is would would you rather be ugly your whole life or be hot one time in your life and the rest of it ugly?

    Umm, hot in one life time!

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    hot in one life time

    this is only because you have a limited amount of time to live and yu want make the most out of it. if you live forever, theres really no fun. and besides being hot is better than ugly? (my opinion)

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    I would like to have a hot personality

    Having an ugly personality is bad

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    Initially, i don't find folks ,even other humans find unsightly, unsightly. Imperfection shouldn't be ugly to me.Secondly, magnificence fades over time. Stupid does not. So, I choose the first: ugly and shrewd.

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    be hot in one life time cause if i lived for ever its be hell and all my friends and family would be gone and i be sad and bored...

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    9 years ago

    hot , so i can get a whole bunch of girls to cook for me and pay for my bills.


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