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I have made a test ca 125 ovarian cancer serum. Tumor marker is 15.2 . What does it mean?

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    It means nothing. This should be in the normal range.

    CA-125 testing is not perfect for detecting ovarian cancer. No test is.

    Normal values range from 0 to 35 (U/mL).

    Source(s): MD Medical Oncologist and Hematologist - a cancer and blood specialist doctor - with twenty years experience
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    CA a hundred twenty five is an uncomplicated blood attempt to hit upon greater/decreased ranges of the CA a hundred twenty five protein. (CA = maximum cancers Antigen) the upward push/cut back contained in the protein can help your Dr confirm if a pelvic mass is benign or malignant. Your Dr ought to be waiting to respond to any questions you have related to diagnostic assessments and therapy techniques for an ovarian tumor. under are some sites that could help answer extra of your questions.

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    it is in normal range

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