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Any experience with the Mossberg MVP?

Back in August 2009 I asked around here about a bolt-action rifle that would take 5.56 STANAG magazines. And back then the answer was a sad "no".

But now there's a new offering by Mossberg, the MVP. I was wondering if anyone had any firsthand, secondhand, or fifteenthhand information about it? I'm specifically interested in accuracy, as well as if Mossberg will continue to improve and develop the line to include different features (stocks, barrel twists).


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  • 9 years ago
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    Decent rifle. Accuracy is OK, but not great. It makes an excellent varmint gun but isn't a precision rifle by any stretch. Also, the magazines wobble a bit and fit funny, and the action is sloppy.

    If you're just going for accuracy there are much better choices. I'd recommend a Savage or CZ for that. The MVP is the way to go if you're looking for a varmint rifle or just something to plink with.

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