Can you use the Google drive(or docs) system to write and publish on

I really want to write fanfiction on the site but I can't afford to currently buy microsoft word. So like my question above saids can I do it?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I don't think you can use Google Docs.

    List of Supported Document/File Formats:

    1.# LibreOffice/OpenOffice/NeoOffice (.odt, .sxw)

    2.+ Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)

    3.+ Microsoft Works (.wps)

    4.+ WinWord, WordPad (.rtf)

    5.+ StarOffice (.sdw)

    6.+ WordPerfect (.wp, .wpd)

    7.+ HTML (.htm, .html)

    8.* Plain Text, NotePad (.txt)

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