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dosnt LOVE SUCK?!!! :((( ughhh its so frkin annoying!!?

the worst feeling in the whole frking universe is when u love someone and they dnt love u back. or when u love them and they dnt love u as much as u do. and when ur cheated on, especially when u thot they was the "one" and they ripped ur heart out and stabbed u in the back and made it hard 4 u 2 trust anyone else. ughhh. isnt it worth it though. the BEST feeling in the universe is when ur in love and ur so happy and bubbly and all that jazz, and its worth it even when its over and ur left depressed and pissed off and sometimes suicidal. who here agrees with me??

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    Oh girl. I kno wat you be meanin. I liked dis guy at da begining of da year and we had hot hot hot hot make out sessions in a little room at mah school.It was soooo much fun. UNTIL he gone done broke mah heart by tellen me he dont like meh. I was like was not to like? Im sexy! Anyways he broke mah heart into a milliooon peaces. i was depressssed for 7 monthes. It suked.

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    No one should make you feel suicidal... maybe you should go talk to a counselor to help you deal with these feelings to help you move on

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    yes i do except about the cheating ---- that has not happened with me or to me ---- all you can do is learn to love like you have never been hurt before ---- best wishes

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