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Which longboard should I get?

I want a longboard but I have never longboarded before, so I need some advice. I am looking mostly to do downhill boarding and slides. I'd like to be able to freestyle and do tricks, but I'm not sure if I will be good at it. I am 5'6" and 130lbs. Some minor things: I would like black grip tape since I heard spray on and clear looks dirtier and is harder to maintain. Also I want a light board because I don't live in an area that is amazing for longboarding, so I need to be able to push and gain speed well.

First of all I don't know whether i should get a dropthrough longboard or a pintail. Which type should I get and what are the purposes of each type?

Second I don't which brand to get. Sector 9, Arbor, Original, or Loaded?

Here are some longboards I picked out, comment on these:

Sector 9:

Lookout 41" Bamboo - http://www.zumiez.com/skate/longboards/drop-throug...

Fractured 40" Drop Through - http://www.zumiez.com/skate/longboards/drop-throug...


Axis GT 40" - http://www.zumiez.com/skate/longboards/drop-throug...


Apex 37 - http://www.originalskateboards.com/longboards/2011...

Apex 40 - http://www.originalskateboards.com/longboards/apex...

Pintail 46 - http://www.originalskateboards.com/longboards/pint...

Loaded: *I can't find one that's in my budget ( at most $300)*

Feel free to advise boards or brands that I have not mentioned. Thanks.

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  • Ryan D
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    The ones your recommend, they all suck.

    I would suggest you look at longboard brands such as Earthwing, Landyachtz, Comet, Jet, Bombsquad, Kebbek, Rayne, Gravity, Bustin, and Never Summer. They are much more respected.

    Since you want to downhill and slide, you are going to need a stiff board. Flexy boards are horrible for speed. You are also going to need some good concave to lock your feet into those slides. Since you want to freestyle, you are going to want some kicktails.

    I would recommend the Landyachtz Tomahawk, Bustin Boombox, LongboardLarry DK, Kebbek John Barnet, Rayne Rival/Supreme, Gravity Mini Kick, DB Cosmonaut, or Never Summer Revolt.

    Buy from these sites:






  • 9 years ago

    Basics: Duro is hardness of wheel, higher duro=harder wheel

    Flex: Amount a board bends

    Most popular best brands: Landyachtz, Sector 9, and Original

    For you I would suggest a Landyachtz Switchblade because its a freeride board which means it can do a bit of everything. So if you don't know what your going to do that day for example you don't know if your going to do some sliding or just kick back and ride.

    http://thelongboardstore.com/longboards/landyachtz... If you don't like that board this website has every board you can think of and what its best for.

    Keep on shredding!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Go for a average...Lengthy boards are better for just using around, however you re younger, you've time to get into the tricks and stuff before you knees provide out or something. Plus, they do have a better aesthetic best in terms of looking cool, principally if you can do even a few tips ;)

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