Catholics: I've heard from family members that there is a Protestant group out there that ....................?

is calling themselves the Catholic Church under a false pretense that those who attend these churches are told there have been changes made to the doctrines of the Catholic Church. They are calling themselves Catholic Communities and they allow Ordained women Bishops, Priests, and Deacons. They claim that the Pope is the head of Christianity but he is not infallible in maters of the faith and moral teachings. One of my sisters told me about this, so what can you tell me about them? Are they in communion with the Church of Rome?


This denomination is the one that deceiving people if anything they are doing Satan's work.

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    Q. One of my sisters told me about this, so what can you tell me about them?

    Nothing. They sound like either Cafeteria Catholics or a new denomination of Protestants.

    Q. Are they in communion with the Church of Rome?



    There are Catholics in full communion with the Pope and the Catholic Church and there are "cafeteria Catholics" who pick and choose what they want to believe and practice. A couple of examples are "Catholics" who are pro-abortion and "Catholics" who refuse to accept the teachings of Vatican II.

    The term "Cafeteria Christians" refers to people who view Christianity like a cafeteria where one picks and chooses only those beliefs that appeal to them and reject a genuine interpretation of Christian doctrine and the teachings of Jesus.

    The term "Cafeteria Catholics" is similar. It is used to describe people who dissent from certain teachings of the Catholic Church while maintaining an outward identity as Catholics.

    In Los Angeles in 1987, Pope John Paul II said: "It is sometimes claimed that dissent from the magisterium is totally compatible with being a "good Catholic," and poses no obstacle to the reception of the Sacraments. This is a grave error that challenges the teaching of the Bishops in the United States and elsewhere."

    Heresy is the obstinate denial after Baptism of a truth which must be believed with divine and Catholic faith.

    "Cafeteria Catholics" in denial of certain truths are in danger of committing heresy.

    With love in Christ.

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    There isn't much to tell about schismatics like these unless you've ever met any of them. The short answer is that they are not in communion with us if they teach and allow such highly erroneous things. If you'd like to find out more about what constitutes communion with the Pope of Rome, I imagine the Canon of the Catholic Church is the place to read about it. The Canon is the legal code for the Church.

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    That sounds like the American Catholic Church. They don't require celibacy, and I think they ordain women, too.

    Needless to say, they are not in communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

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    well you are catholic and you know the women as priests it's forbidden in the catholicism, so if there is one, they can't be in communion with the church of rome, unless they are anglicans

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    there are organisations out there which put the word catholic in their title to raise their profile . they are false prophets and wolves among the flock.

    catholic action

    catholics for choice

    liberal catholic church

    women's' catholic priesthood . and so on

    i see where the vatican is putting forward a claim to register the domain name "catholic ,'

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    That is hilarious. I bet the Catholics think they are going to hell like everyone else except them of course.

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    If that's true, it'd be a big-*** improvement.

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