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Wild animal Careers??????????????????

I am about to start high school and I love animals. I want to work with wild animals. What careers are their that would involve working with wild animals

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    Wildlife biologist

    Game warden.

    Park ranger.

    Wildlife veterinarian.

    Marine biologist.

    Hunting guide.

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    Field or Wildlife biologist

    Game warden

    Park Ranger



    Biological Technician or Aide

    Wildlife/Zoo Veterinarian

    Marine Biologist

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    Animal Career Categories

    These are some of the fields and jobs that involve animal experience and training.

    Preventive Medicine (small animal, large animal, exotic, wildlife rehabilitation, research (private industry, university and government), military, zoo):

    Research Veterinarian


    Veterinary Technician

    Care and Conservation of Wildlife:


    Conservation Officer

    Cooperative Extension Agent



    Environmental Management

    Environmental Chemistry

    Forestry/Park Ranger

    Interpretive Naturalist

    Natural Resources Management

    Wildlife Rehabilitator


    Animal behavior

    Outreach programs

    Therapy and Psychology

    Zoos (training varies, ranging from exotic animal caretaking to biology:




    Habitat Specialist


    Animal Training:

    Trainer (large, small and exotics) for work, show and entertainment industry, and obedience training

    Volunteer (may require special training or previous work experience):




    Field Research

    Future Farmers

    Humane Societies

    Nature Centers


    Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities


    General areas of study and work:

    Agriculture & Natural Resources


    Environmental Sciences

    Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences

    Law (Animal Welfare, Environmental)


    Science Technology

    Veterinary Medicine

    Representative Jobs/Salary Ranges

    Salaries change through the years, and may be different in different geographical locations; a forester in Michigan may not make the same salary as a forester in Florida. The salaries listed include the minimum starting salary, and an average salary reflecting many years of work in the field (as of sources dated 1994 and earlier). If you are interested in more current salary data, head over to the Career Development Center at your local junior college and look through the resource materials there. (Note: these salary ranges stem from data collected in the mid 1990's. You can find updated information through the career center of your high school, junior or vocational college, or online at the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.)

    Agriculture Product Sales Representative ($1000-5800)

    Animal Breeder ($1900-4400)

    Animal Caretaker or Keeper ($1400-3400)

    Animal Trainer ($minimum wage-3000)

    Anthropologists ($1200-4200)

    Biologists ($1500-4900)

    Biomedical Engineer ($2200-6600)

    Environmental Analyst/Ecologist ($2200-4300)

    Environmental Lawyer ($1800-6000)

    Farm and Ranch Hand ($1100-2000)

    Fish and Wildlife Specialists ($1600-4000)

    Foresters ($1200-5000)

    Forestry Technician ($775-3100)

    Guide Dog Trainer ($minimum wage-3000)

    Marine Biologist ($3700-5000)

    Oceanographer ($3900-5000)

    Park Ranger ($1200-5600)

    Secondary School Science Teacher ($1900-4000)

    Wildlife Specialist ($1600-3100)

    Veterinarian ($1900-8000)

    Veterinary Pathologist ($1900-6000)

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