Christians, why are the goats denied an eternity with God in Matthew 25?

It's clear that Jesus is pleased with the sheep and is far from pleased with the goats. What's the difference? Is this the key to whether a Christian will be blessed with an eternity with God or not? Your thoughts?

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@NCWJ: Yeah, sometimes I am here late. God had some qs for me to post, so here I am!

Update 2:

@JohnMeyers: I am very aware of what a parable is. Has it occurred to you that God led me to ask this question and others for His purpose?

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    the goats did not feed the hungary... while the sheep did. Now if you go back to the parable of the rich man who asks what do I need to be saved jesus replies follow the commandments. I look at it sort of like this the ideal is mathew 25 and the bare minimum is following the commandments.

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    None taken.

    It's a parable, as in a comparison; a short simple story, usually of an occurrence of a familiar kind, from which a moral or religious lesson may be drawn.

    "The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables so that ‘seeing they may not see; though hearing they may not understand.'”

    This quotation from Isaiah 6:9-10 does not express a desire that some would not understand, but simply states the truth that those who are not willing to receive Jesus’ message will find the truth hidden from them, however others will look deeper.

    It worked didn't it? You questioned a parable from the bible to clarify for a better understanding and depth...

    After a casual reading of the sixteen verses that make up the Parable of the Sheep and Goats (Matthew 25:31-46), it seems that they suggest that salvation is the result of good works. The people compared to the sheep were the ones that acted in charity in giving to the needy food, drink, and clothing, who exhibited hospitality, and who visited the sick and those in prison. The goats seem to have done nothing in regard to these things. This resulted in salvation for the sheep and damnation for the goats. The casual reading seems to make it very clear and concise that salvation comes from good works.

    However, this is clearly not the meaning of the Parable of the Sheep and Goats.

    All Scripture proves itself right and non-contradictory when compared with the totality of Scripture.

    A closer examination of the Parable of the Sheep and Goats reveals much, much more. In the very first verse of the parable, Matthew immediately establishes the kingship and authority of Christ by using the title that Christ so often used in identifying Himself: the “Son of Man” (see John 5:27 and Daniel 7:13-14). The sheep are placed at His right hand. This is a place of honor and shows that the sheep are esteemed by Christ. Compare this with Matthew 22:64; Luke 22:69; Acts 7:55 and Hebrews 1:13; where Christ is at the right hand of the Father. The goats are placed on the left. Testimony is given, judgment is made, and reward and punishment are the result.

    The core message of the Parable of the Sheep and Goats is that good works will result from our relationship to the Shepherd, to Christ. Followers of Christ will produce good works, will treat others with kindness, will deal with others as if they were Christ. Those who reject Christ live in the opposite manner. While “goats” can indeed do acts of kindness and charity, their hearts are not truly in them for the right purpose.

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    Comment to Mr. John Meyers: I know the person asking this question personally, and I assure you, she most certainly knows what a parable is. She is an extremely erudite, well educated, intellectually sharp lady who knows her Bible. She is an expert on the Bible.

    Answer to question: I suppose that goats, as others remarked, are more obstinate. Sheep are more docile creatures. Of course, it is a metaphor for certain types of people. The sheep will enter heaven, but the goats will not.

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    Do you know what a parable is? The word goat doesn't mean the animal goat .Have you ever heard the old saying stubborn as a goat? He is telling you that people who are stubborn and will not turn from their sins and obey him will not enter the Kingdom of God.Satan is a prime example he is the biggest goat of them all!

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    Sheep are easily led and herded. Goats are stubborn and far more independent. It's symbolic of people who "go with the herd" regarding religion versus those who don't toe the party line, ie do what I say or you don't get into heaven.

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    In reality, goats in general are stubborn and independent. Even toward he ones that feed them.

    Sheep are more loyal, gentle and loving creatures.

    Jesus was called "The Good Shepard" and he said that his sheep would hear his voice and follow him.

    Goats go their own way.


  • eternal punishment here is not properly translated. some who are stubborn will have a refiners fire to go through. all will be saved. love never fails. I am sorry that so many Christians have been duped into believing that God created enormous amounts of people that just to be eternally punished. duped to believe that love does fail and that even though God wants all to be saved He is unable to save so many.

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    i think of it incredibly is a ordinary assertion, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it is going deeper than a non-doer. the guy replaced right into a on no account replaced into or a lip servant. it incredibly is somebody who says they're going to do one ingredient and does not. that isn't approximately mere provider and yet it incredibly is contemplated that way. not basically did you not stick to my instructions you need to not even do the simplest ingredient and that replaced into to coach mercy and compassion to those in choose. rather, how not worry-free is it to bypass to 3 one and merely supply up a cup of cool sparkling water. those in penal complex have not the rest to do and can gladly submit with your "Christian gibberish" in case you cared adequate to take place and love them (they could additionally come to existence by way of fact of it.) Now the Goats i think are human beings in the time of history that have on no account heard the regulation or grace of God. they're going to stand earlier a robust God understanding they deserve the loss of existence sentence and yet by way of fact they confirmed mercy and love they are going to be spared. Why? by way of fact at the same time as they did not be attentive to the reality they acted on the spirit of reality that God provides all and sundry and it will save them. some could argue it incredibly is salvation via works and that i disagree. it incredibly is salvation via blind obedience to an unknown God. bear in mind Paul observed a statue to an unknown God and he spoke approximately it? nicely, many will have confidence that there is a stronger capacity that they don't understand and yet will stick to their heart and God will save them by means of that faith.

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    Because they butt

    I believe in God....but.....

    You have to be sold out...the whole route. You can't just give God lip service

    btw Hi, and God bless...didn't know you came on late

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