For Disneyland's California Adventures, do you need to purchase a ticket for World of Color?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your park entry ticket will get you access to World of Color. There is no separate fee to see the show.

    It is HIGHLY recommended that you pick up a Fast Pass for World of Color at the Grizzly River Rapids Fast Pass distribution center. This Fast Pass will give you a section assignment.

    An alternate way of seeing the show would be to purchase either a picnic package or a dinner package that includes a reserved viewing area.

  • OC1999
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    9 years ago

    You may be getting confused because of the ticketing they do for World Of Color. They implement a "FastPass" system for the main viewing area. FastPass is a free service from Disney that is used for World of Color and a few select attractions. Now, this FastPass is totally separate from the regular FastPass system for the attractions. So you can get a FastPass for World of Color and then still immediately get a Fastpass for another attraction. To get a FastPass for World of Color you need to go the Grizzly River Run FastPass Distribution. They have split the distribution where half the machines are for WoC and the other half are for Grizzly River Run. So be sure to enter from the back side where the World of Color signs are, or you may end up with a Grizzly River Run ticket.

    There are three sections in the World of Color(Blue, Yellow, and Preferred Dining). More on Preferred Dining in a second. For the color sections they issue them in order, and blue is a bit better than yellow but both are good and better than any of the "non-Fastpass" viewing.

    First Show - Blue

    First Show - Yellow

    Second Show(if there is one) - Blue

    Second Show(if there is one) - Yellow

    On occasion they will have a 3rd show and the same applies Blue then Yellow.

    They did have more color sections in the past but they merged them into just the Blue and Yellow sections a few months ago.

    So if you want to go to the second show you don't need to be there right at opening you may need to "time" it to get your Fastpass later on in the day. Now, it is hard to say when this would be, but as an example we went a few days ago and was still able to get the Blue section for the 10:15(2nd) show at 7:30PM. So if you are not particular about a certain time you don't have to worry about rushing over there first thing in the morning. You may also want to try one of the packages that guarantee you a ticket to the show.

    The Picnic package is the cheapest, and provides you with a ticket to the first show in either the blue or yellow section. If you go with a higher package such as the Wine country Trattoria you will get tickets to the Preferred Dining section(which is actually between the Blue and Yellow). This has the advantage because it is often not as crowded as the other sections. The Carthey Circle Theater Restaurant has also started an offer that if you buy an Appetizer and entree you get a ticket to the World of Color also. However, that would come to about $50 per person, and is subject to availability so before you did that you may want to verify they still have them available.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Once you purchase a ticket for California Adventures you do not have to purchase a seperate ticket for World of Color .

    For a good view you should get a Fastpass . Otherwise you can just skip the Fp and still catch the show but you won't get as good as a view , decent , but not great .

  • 9 years ago

    It would be a great idea to run and grab a FastPass for the show first thing. It's free, like other attractions that offer FastPass service, though this one reserves a certain section for viewing by the holder. I know for certain there are Blue, Yellow, and Red standing areas, though not sure about any other sections.

    Also, the World of Color FastPass does not hinder the ability to get another FastPass; you can have a ride pass in addition to the show reservation.

    Even with a reservation, get there EARLY, as the Paradise Pier area gets jammed during this time.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well to get in the area in the first place you need a ticket, so yes, and secondly if you do plan to attend this, run to the fast pass before you go on ANY rides, or your not going to be able to see it, anyways have fun.

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  • 9 years ago

    In order to get a good view of the show, yes. I recommend you do purchase a ticket for the World of Color because it's really a spectacular show and they stick the people with tickets in the VERY front, awesome view. If you don't buy one (like I did the first time) your view will probably be obstructed and you'll only see half of the show (happened to me). Long story, short - buy the ticket. It's so worth it! (:

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