What is your favorite class in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and why?

My top three favorite are Quarian Engineer, Salarian Infiltrator, and Batarian Sentinel.


1.) Quarian Engineer: A fully upgraded turret has the possiblity of doubling as a flamethrower, and, if upgraded in a certain order, cyro blast can freeze multiple enemies at one (or slow fast enemies like Phantoms and Banshees)

2.) Salarian Infiltrator: Proximity mines are unlimited ways of taking chunks out of health if used as concussive shots. Energy Drain and Tatical Cloak aren't bad either.

3.) Batarian Sentinel:When paired with the Wraith, they are great for close range. I equip the shotgun 1 rail amp (from gear), the shotgun blade attachment, and the spray attachment. Then, blade armor

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I have 2, the human vanguard or the human infiltrator.

    First, i like humans because of the roll that they use.

    1. The human vanguard, because when you get him upgraded(biotic charge and nova) and then throw a pistol with nothing else on him, by alternating biotic charge and nova you can do that indefinitely and just mess everything up.

    2. The infilitrator, with cooldown upgrades and damage upgrades for tactical cloak, with the widow, with damage attachments, if you use tactical cloaks you can wreck anything. Kill a brute in 2 shots, geth prime, 2 shots(head) banshees 3 shots, ravagers 1 shot and basically so on and so on.

    Source(s): love the game
  • 9 years ago

    Vorcha Sentinal ALL THE WAY! Vorcha Soldier has carnage which sucks, Vorcha Sen. has the STRONG CLUSTER GRENADE! And Vorcha and regenerate health with a power called, "Bloodlust," it's more like a shield like how Krogan Sen. has tech armor. Vorcha is bomb at Gold since he can regenerate health, and without him all other characters only regenerate health half way after each round (IF YOU LOOSE 4 OR MORE BARS OF HEALTH).

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