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What to use when drawing?

Now, i can just imagine people answering with 'a Pencil' but heres the deal; i really enjoy drawing and stuff and i wanted to know what kind of things i can use to really make my drawings good, like those special crayons or pencils. I know there is some sort of smudging thing.... Is there somewhere i can get these things other than a drawing or art store? Please be specific with what types. Thanks!

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    See, many think that you need special pens and pencils and stuff, and it's kind of exciting to use that stuff, I know, but I'm an intense artist, portrait artist. And without being prideful, they're pretty dang good and all I use is, a #2 pencil for drawing, an eraser, and for shading, a great tool is too use a Q-tip to soften the lines and shading overall. You could also try getting a gel pen (basically, just a nice ball point) to have sharp lines. But other than that, I'd say that people just get caught up in the fancy stuff. Try just a few tools and a Q-tip and see what happens. :)

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    Charcoal; a stump of tightly rolled paper; graphite stick; putty rubber; 4B–6B pencil; Conté crayon.

    If you have access to the internet you can have them delivered to your address with no need to go to a drawing or art store.

    But these things only make different types of marks, they are tools, they will not of themselves make your drawings “good” – some of them will take a deal of practice to get used to.

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