A legit question about the Army and running?

Alright, I'm 6,4 and weigh about 200 give or take, I just quit smoking cigarettes and weed almost 40 days ago. I'm joining the army in about three weeks. I just started running again last Wednesday and since then I've probably logged in about 7 miles, averaging a mile 1/2 every night, give or take. My question is this, I'm not "fat" but I have some chub on my stomach "no abs" how long, if I keep my running up, will I notice results in my appearance and my endurance. My army question is this, how hard will the army be And what should I do physically to prepare, like workouts and such. Thanks, much appreciated.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You'll get plenty of exercise in basic. The PT test is on running, pushups and situps.

    The run is 2 miles, and, the minimum time depends on your age. I used to come in at about 14 minutes if my memory serves correct... has been awhile.

    Standards are similar for pushups and situps. If you can do 50 of each at once, you'll probably be in a decent starting shape.

  • 9 years ago

    Running will strengthen your heart and lungs and burn calories, if you intake less calories than you burn, you lose weight. If you get your diet right and keep working, you should start seeing results fairly soon (within your first month), however this varies for everyone..

    And the army will be easier for you if you go in in descent shape, but they don't try to kill anyone that works to better themselves. Expect a crazy challenge regardless where you stand.

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