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How do I start my own business?

I either want it to be a food place unlike any other or a product shop, which sells beauty products and fashion or devices and electronics.


Oh yeh i'm aged between 18-24

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    You can sell your products on online shopping stores like ebay & etsy.

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    First problem is that you are not sure exactly what you are going to sell. When you sell too many things the quality degrades hence you lose money. Secondly, you need inventory. How much are you willing to invest ? Electronics, beauty products etc will take a heavy amount. Do you want a physical store or want it to go virtual ? You need study the market and cold call companies to see how they operate. Try to learn the ropes of the business you are trying to start before you actually start.

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    How about AMWAY? AMWAY'S multi-level marketing direct-selling approach offers three important advantages:

    - It is an immediate channel to the marketplace. AMWAY Distributors market products and services directly to family, friends, co-workers, other people and neighbours.

    - It offers superior services to customers. Distributors provide personalized service.

    - It is an opportunity for anyone to own their own business.

    And many more, and if you're interested in building this business... Here my other email for googlemail.

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