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i tried smoking weed twice?

this week

last weekend i was really really drunk and i had like 3 long puffs

it wasn't fun at all and i ended up throwing up and it was a really weird feeling everything was moving

i tried it again last night and i have like 2 small puffs and i was very calm and it was weird i had only one beer but i wasn't sure if i was drunk or what i was lol but nothing was moving? it just seemed pretty normal?

anyway i have this habit of over thinking things and always being nervous and worried and i realized when i was "high" i was sooo unbelievably calm!

i am 19 and in university and i get really good grades and stuff so just wondering

how bad is this?

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    9 years ago
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    It's not bad unless your life starts to revolve around it or if you get in trouble for it. Jail is always bad.

  • 9 years ago

    Pass it?

    Naw we all have smoked it, but dont do it all the time especially on campus. Your brain got used to the visual effects of the must make really good graids to have a brain like that.

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