the things you own end up owning you?

do you agree with this quote? and how can something we own, own us?

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  • Rob
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    9 years ago
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    unfortunately many folks become slaves

    to 'things' they 'want' and really do not need.

    u have never had a car loan that takes more

    of your monthly work than it should.

    how about a house where you work 2 weeks

    each month to pay for it.

    clothes that live in closets for years.

    credit cards for meals u still paying for.

    Source(s): ex credit junkie/slave
  • 9 years ago

    Even if you do own your things, they own you because you have the burden of keeping maintenance on them or simply organizing them. That can be time consuming and a burden at times! The best is keep your life as simple as possible and things will have less ownership over you!

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