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How old is Zane Donovan supposed to be in Eureka?

I looked up how old Niall Matter was (31), but I wasn't sure if that was the age Zane was supposed to be in the show. I also have been looking for his age on wiki pages and fan pages, but I could only find how old he was when being accepted into MIT. If anyone else knows or finds out, that would be extremely helpful!

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    I know that after the 'new timeline' was established in season 4... they teased a relationship between Zane and Zoe who was 17/18 at the time (as a short lived roadblock to Lupo getting him back)

    if he were 'acting his age' Zane would have been 30 at the time... the only 'ick' factor expressed was more the whole 'it's Zane and Zoe" rather than about a 12 year age difference...

    -- IIRC Carter did give Zane something of 'she's my little girl, and I carry a gun" speech, but that was more about Carter being protective dad than Zane being a 'cradle robber'

    I could be wrong but I think he's supposed closer to 25 -- but I'd suggest rewatching Zane's early episodes, which made reference to his criminal record, and might give you a few milestones to better do the math

    Erica Cerra is was born in 1979, and Jo was stated to be 27 at the end of season 1 which is about right, for what its worth... so it could go either way

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    Zane Donovan

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