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How do I get my shih tzu to hold still for a buzz cut?

I turned on the buzzer she runs for cover. Shes still a puppy. 9 months old.


Its summer and Im trying to help her get cool. She has really long fur right now I can only see her nose and her panting tongue.

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  • 9 years ago
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    She's not a puppy anymore.

    She's an adolescent.

    And please take her to the groomer.

    If you don't strip her coat right then it'll grow back REALLY bad.

  • 9 years ago

    As long as she's conscious I don't think you'll be able to get her to stay calm. The only thing i can figure is that you find a way to sedate her, or hold her down. Maybe call a vet about it?

    Did i really just read "She's not a puppy, she's an adolescent"? If you call a 9 month old dog anything but a puppy then you should be slapped, there's no reason to be technical about a dogs age, it's a dog. There aren't significant growth stages with dogs like there are with humans, at least not anything where you can tell a difference. Until i start hearing people refer to a puppy as an infant, it's a dog, or it's a puppy. There is no in between, it's a puppy, then when it's fully grown it's a dog. Seriously, i really wanna know why you thought you had to make that distinction and be technical about it.

    Don't listen to the first post, our economy is in the toilet, there's no need to waste money on trip to give a DOG a haircut. If i were you (since she did warn you about the fur) i'd go to google and figure out how to do it right yourself, or just buzz her. It's just a dog, unless you're planning on going to pet shows with her then who cares what her fur looks like? Now back to the original question, your best bet would be to hold her down, unless someone gives you a better answer. Like i said, maybe a vet can give you a good way to get her to stay still, because no one wants to hold their dog down to keep her still.

  • 9 years ago

    Try to put her on a leash to prevent her from getting too far. Like in the pet trimmer workers, they put them on a high stool, so maybe try that. Remember positive reinforcement. If she is straining away, reward her on the high stool. Be gentle and careful because if she starts to squabble, you may accidentally cut her. Hold her steady with one hand and if you can, get another helper. After a few cuts, she should be fine.

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