I Period trouble, any solution, on it right now so answer ASAP?

Okay so first of all, one the first day of my period, I am really bloated. It's not terrible, but it makes me uncomfortable. Anyways, I want to know if there is any homemade treatments I can do or any foods that will help.

Next, my period is pretty heavy on the 2nd and 3rd day. It's pretty bad and annoying. Is there such a thing as a solution for a lighter period? Any foods that will help, or foods I should avoid?

Lastly, when my period is heavy, in the nights I have to get up alot just to change, and then it's hard to get back to sleep. Its not a big deal now because it's summer, but I'm afraid when I go back to

skool, I won't get enough sleep. I do wear a pad to sleep, they aren't over night ones though. I bleed through my clothes and sheets alot so it's a real pain. Is there a way to help this?

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  • 9 years ago
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    First off get the good over night pads, the ones that are huge with big wings. It will feel like you are wearing a diaper but it will help a lot. Also, what I do, I add a pantie liner under the over night pad. Pads often move on you while you are sleeping, adding a pantie liner under your pad can help catch excess from getting onto your panties, pajamas or bed when your pad moves away from where its supposed to be.

    For the bloating avoid dairy, dairy typically will make you bloat when you digest it so avoiding it on your period is generally a good idea.

    Avoid salad, your body has a hard time digesting salad as it is, that's why you get gassy, because it sits and rots. It can take a week for salad to get through your system. Avoiding it on your period will help with bloating, discomfort and gas.

    A lot of women think hot packs help with the pain. I personally think cold helps more. Going back and forth between warm and cold for me is great.

    Doctors recommend ginger for nausea, pain or bloating as a homemade treatment. They tell you to eat ginger or ginger candy if its too hard. I think both are pretty difficult to get down. I put it in a pot and boil it to make it into a tea, its much easier to get down but you have to drink more to be effective.


    Do not listen to them! Wearing a tampon at night is very enticing, lord knows we have all done it, but its very very bad for you. Wearing a tampon for over (doctors say 4 hours but I think it's a little longer then that) can cause a very very serious infection, can also cause yeast infections, tts or bladder infections.

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    9 years ago

    DO NOT sleep with tampons!! You have the risk of TSS and that would be not good. I'd suggest some medicine for the cramps. YOu can talk to your doctor about birth control for a lighter period. Try the overnight super pads and if you think it's going to bleed through then you should try a towel.

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    Try drinking some hot tea and taking a warm, shallow bath. Exercise may also help. To lighted your period, try cutting all red meats from your diet, and cut out flour in products like cookies, bread, etc. Try wearing two pads to bed, put the end of one on top of the other, it's kind of odd to explain through words, so please enjoy this awkward emoticon example: ( pad1 ( ) pad2 )

    See how they overlap? Try something like that. Make sure they're a high absorbency. Or buy some overnighters.

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    9 years ago

    Sleep with a towel under u use tampons ? If I'll be up changing them anyway heak get diapers for period to sleep in Boone will c u

    Depends.com there's a commercial offering free ones good luck hun

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  • 9 years ago

    Wear overnight or thicker pads, or double up on pads.

    I've heard that you can also jump on a trampoline for a few hours and your period will be gone.

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    the only thing that gets rid of cramps for me is a nap. and you might need to use super tamps if you have a heavy flow or ultra!

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    9 years ago

    get ultra thick pads or tampons for at night

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