List 5-7 major events of the play up through Act 3, Scene 5 in Much Ado About Nothing William Shakespeare?

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    because I got here right here from the country, I have not considered her close. tell me, is-- is she attractive? Thomas, if i could write with the marvelous thing about her eyes, i replaced into born to look in them and understand myself. A-A-And her lips? Her lips? The early morning rose would whither on the dep. if it may experience envy. And her voice, like lark's music? Deeper, softer. None of your twittering larks. i'd banish nightingales from her backyard earlier they interrupt her music. Oh, she sings too? - consistently. with out doubt. And performs the lute. She has a organic ear. And her bosom. Did I aspect out her bosom? What of her bosom? Oh, Thomas, a pair of pippins... as round and uncommon as golden apples. i imagine milady is smart to save your love at a distance. For what woman could stay as a lot because it close to to... at the same time as her eyes and lips and voice will be no extra attractive than mine. ---------william Shakespeare---'shakespeare in love'(the hot juliet)

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    See "Sparks Notes and the very bottom of this page:

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