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I need a very pursuasive way to get my mom to buy me an Ipod touch?

I just got a job but i cant wait to buy my ipod because i need it. My brother is getting one tomorrow and i want one too. What can i say/Do to make her buy me one. I am going to pay her back just so ya know.

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    Help her with whatever she do, do whatever she says, don't make her upset, make her happy .. Maybe in the end she will say " thank you dear you really helped me today " that is the right moment to tell her that you want ipod

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    Look, you don't NEED an ipod. You need to grow up and learn the value of money and the difference between a need and a want. A necessity and a luxury. Just because everyone has an ipod doesn't make it a necessity. Save up your money and buy one. Otherwise you will become spoiled and grow up thinking the world owes you a living.

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    9 years ago

    Well, you seem to be a shy person (Im not good at reading people over the internet) but yes first you have to be confident. you somewhere deep inside you already expect your mom not to cooperate. that shows up in your body language thus making your mom subconsciously defy you.

    step 1: ASK her to let you share the ipod with your brother (tell her you will pay half the price asap)

    Step 2: make a deal with your bro that you keep it for a day and he keeps it for the next one.

    step 3: take it and go for a walk, hide it

    Step 4: comeback and tell mom how you lost it and will pay the full price now.

    Step 5: Tell me if it worked. :)

    Additionally, you ahve to hide the ipod till you finally pay the full price and then later tell them how you magically found it

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    9 years ago

    Trust me I know what you're doing. My sister still does it and I used to do it. Just promise to pay your mom back and it will be fair...yeah...no. She will slowly forget and you will get away with a free ipod touch. Just earn the $200 plus tax and buy one in a month. Deal with it. Life doesn't revolve around electronics.

    @Jordan GREAT ANSWER!!!! :D

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  • 9 years ago

    Tell her that you need it to exercise to become healthy..or something....do something for her that will make her sooo proud..tell her you'll pay her extra for buying it!!

    good luck

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    Did you explain that to your mom she's not a mind reader

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