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Am i considered a slut? what should i do?

I just turned 17 and im in grade 11. alot of my friends and people at my school call me a slut and hoe because ive had sex with 9/13 people on the lacrosse team. i know its bad but im young and just having fun. i dont think its bad what im doing because atleast im admitting to it and being responsible. girls are cruel and post bad things on my locker and door. What should i do? i get into alot of fights with girls at my school because they get mad when i do stuff with their boyfriends. But why do girls get mad at me like yell at your boyfriend and dumb his *** for cheating??

i just need some second opinions and how i can deal with these girls bullying me

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    yeah, obviously by society's standards you're a major slut. but so what? that doesn't mean it's wrong. as long as you're using protection, have fun. life's too short.

    I'm the same as you - when I was at school I slept around a lot and got hassled by other people. it doesn't affect them so it's no one's business but you and the guys you sleep with. they're just jealous that they're not having as fun a time as you.

    just hang in there - you won't be at school much longer and real life outside school is a lot less judgmental.

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    I'm not sure if I can believe your not a troll... but let's assume you are.

    Nine people by age 17... not good. And then you add they're from a highschool team.

    Your cheating too.. not just the boyfriends.

    Your not being responsible

    Slut? Absolutely

    What should you do? Clean your self up (Pun INTENDED). Focus on school, get your grades up, care about other people, and mostly yourself. Don't up your health risks and chances of being a teen mom, lower them. You can have a whole future ahead of you with college and all, don't ruin it now.

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    Umm you're not being responsible. Not only are you spreading legs to every guy but to ones who have girlfriends? What the hell do you expect. Girls like you don't and won't get ANY respect from guys, girls, anyone. This'll come back screw you over. You'll end up with an std, pregnant, and have the hardest time finding a guy who won't treat you like a toy. I've seen your other questions, you've been with 20+ GUYS IN THE PAST MONTH?! Uh women in their 20s haven't even been with that many partners. I'm 18 and trust me I LOVE to have fun, no prude here but unlike you, I respect myself. You're not getting any sympathy from me, sorry.

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    I don't see why girls call other girls sluts when all you are doing is having sex.

    Everyone loves sex, it's not really a big deal.

    Unless, you cheat on someone, love someone, just using someone, and having sex for revenge.

    Probably not the best idea having sex with a guy that has a girlfriend.

    But the girls that are calling you a slut might be jealous because they can't get someone to have sex with them. And they really should be dumping their boyfriends because well it take two to have sex.

    Also, if you get into a serious relationship don't be shocked if a girl has sex with your boyfriend..

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    Well to be honest with you, a whore is someone who sleeps around with multiple guys and that's what your doing. Obiviously you know what your doing is wrong but if you don't want people to call you names like that don't sleep around with all those guys. If you know they have a bf you shouldn't sleep with them it's the right thing to do. You need to be the bigger person and say no. Spreading your legs isn't going to get you anywhere nor will it make u a much "cooler popular chick in". when you get older you will understand that guys don't like girls who slept around with alot of guys. Plus it will be hard for you to even find a bf. Anyways good luck with your life.

    Source(s): I have a friend who sleeps around with 3 diff dudes every week and no guys want to date her b/c they heard she slept with almost every guys she meets
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    how do you want respect from others when you don't respect your body...

    would you want your daughter having sex with 90% of the team because shes just having fun...i dont think so.unless your morally confused.

    fun and being young doesn't revolve around sex. im a teenager, im 17 i only had sex with one person..and im still with him..and for fun we go out and do things together make memories to remember then young days.

    it is bad what your doing. guys dont want a girl like you. they only want you for sex. guys wont take you serious or want a real relationship if you choose to get into one because you will be a sex object. and girls are mad at you and their bf for cheating it goes both ways. but forgiveness goes a long way when your in love. u might understand one day when you fins someone you fall for.

    hope i answered your question..but this is jsus my opinion. and to deal with the girls simples: DONT SLEEP WITH THEIR BOYFRENDS!

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    9 years ago

    Maybe you should stop sleeping around with everyone. Being a whore isn't cute and it isn't "fun". The girls have every reason to be mad at you because you're the slut who slept with their boyfriend. They have the right to be mad at both of you. "I know it's bad but I'm young and just having fun." That proves how stupid and immature you are.

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    I am going thru the same thing as you. The way I see it were not sluts and whores..we just think like men. Men get to sleep with whoever they please and its considered cool. But when a girl does it shes a skank? I see it differently. Your just a girl who is really intune with your sexual side, as am I. I cant really give you any advice as to how to make the situation better, cause dumb *** girls still want to fight me too, but im not embarrassed ashamed or afraid because I am in tune with my sexual desires. And you should too. Good luck thru your bull sh*t girl people like us need it lol.

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    You should get checked for HPV.. (condoms don't help with HPV)

    9 people is more than most girls are with in a lifetime. I was my wife's second partner... she was 26 yrs old.

    The average males partners for a girl in her entire lifetime is only 4... what does that make you?

    This is probably a troll post anyway....

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    9/13..... That doesn't help ur problem... Sorry.... And just cuz ur 17 doesn't mean u have to have so much fun at once...and yes they shud dump them... But no offense.. Usually sluts breakup couples example.. Having them Chet wen YOU KNOW they have a gf

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