Is it normal to be swollen after working out?

I stopped working out a few months ago( I did some here and there but not hard core like normal) and I started again, and I took a picture of me 2 days ago before I worked out and I took one today and you can tell the obvious difference. It looks like I put on like 20 pounds around my stomach and thighs. And this has never happened to me before. I am so sore and can barley go up and down the stairs and I want to know if the swollen is normal.


My legs are the only things that are sore but both my legs and stomachs are swollen.

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  • Shiggy
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    9 years ago
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    Swollen is not normal, soreness is normal.

    If you are truly swollen, then it may be possible that you were near or touched something you were allergic to that you were not aware of.

    However, if you are just sore and are struggling to go up and down the stairs, then great. Just rest the muscle long enough for recovery and train again when the muscles are recovered. More muscle means more calorie your body will burn.

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