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can this person fixes her immigration statues ...if she is 23 or 24?

lets said that she came to the united states when she was about 2 or 3 years. Now she is 23 or 24 years old. Can she fixes her immigration statues even though she doesn't work ? If not what can she do ?

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    Let's say, is a bit thin for real answers. however, she may at least be eligible to sign up for Obama's new program. you and your friend should take a look at the announcement and see if it looks like it would apply for her. http://www.dhs.gov/ynews/releases/20120612-napolit...

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    Read the attached. Obama just announced new policy which wounds like it might apply to your friend. It is great news for lots of undocumented people. Similar provisions were provided in "The Dream Act," put forward by Senator Rubio. Obama just did an end run on the Republicans as he often does. Doesn't matter, though the result is good. Check it out, your friend might be in good shape.


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    Sort of. Even though your friend does not work, she is still eligible for temporary papers through Obama's recent directive and she would qualify if the DREAM Act passes next year. The link below explains what your friend needs to do to get temporary papers to stay in the US legally:


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    An illegal cannot adjust status in the US

    Marriage and babies will not help either ..that is a myth

    To become legal you have to return home

    There is a specialty forum one that deals solely with your unique issue. http://immigrate2us.net/

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    Not if she is here illegally.

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