Does it Sound Like he Has/Had a Crush on Me?

I have a crush on this guys now (but we are currently on summer vacation from school so I wont see him until August) and all of this started in september of 2011

So it started like this (I Know it may be long but please bare with me and help me out). When I first noticed him, I felt an attraction. I was drawn to him and saw it as a fun opportunity to flirt with him. I flirted just a bit with him on one day, being bubbly and stuff, and he got kind of shy of me and started smiling and blushing and looking down at his feet ( I thought that was SO cute!!) Then he went from being "That one guy in my class" to "That cute shy guy from my class"

When I noticed how adorable he was, I started getting a little crush on him. I dropped my notebook one day in class and before I even noticed that it dropped he was right there, he came and picked it up for me immediately and I was like "damn, hes sweet and pretty nice"

Then I started noticing the staring..... there were days where he straight out stared at me, like right in front of me, there were days where he stared at me from the corner of his eye, there were days where he eavesdropped on my conversations with my friends. He was somehow always "there" where I was

THEN he started occasionally passing by the places I was.. like in class... he sat at the other end of the classroom and he would walk all the way to the other end (where I sat) just to throw something away but I KNOW that there was a trashcan right next to him...

Then he started trying to get close to me and bump into me, like in the hallway if he was in back of me or something he would scoot his body over to be next to mine and I guess he was trying to bump into me..... or on another day I was standing alone in the hallway and he was on the opposite side of he hallway (right in front of me) and he started shifting his body to be directly in front of mine)

and from all those misleading clues came the day when he talked to me first. I was so ecstatic because it was finally going SOMEWHERE! We were both in this group in class along with about 10 other people, and when I stood next to my friend he kind of jogged and stood right next to me, he even tried to get really close to me to "read the paper in my hand"... and he was like staring at me the entire time from the corner of his eye..

then He asked me what I thought about the discussion going on (because I was being rather quiet and he likes getting into debates) and I think I disappointed him because of his high expectations of my intelligence by saying " Im kind of agreeing with everything being said" and he just said something like " oh..... thats awesome " but then I asked him what HE thought and he just didnt say anything -_- but he did crack a joke (privately, to me) afterwards...

When he was talking to me his body language was REALLY good(standing tall and straight, chest and everything pointed towards me, looking me in the eye the whole time)

and after that he kind of got cold around me, he was acting as if I didnt exist,

But a month after that he started getting a little warmer... and I caught him staring straight at me one day in class and when I looked him in the eye he didnt even look away and I just kind of smiled a little and looked down.

I dont know, I feel like he DID have a crush on me but then I think he stopped.... what could I do to get him back? What do you guys think?

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  • 9 years ago
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    It almost sounds like he lost interest or gave up but then took another look at you, literally. Staring is pretty much a clear sign of if a person likes you or not. That's why you're always told to look into peoples eyes when you talk to them. That way you're subconsciously telling them that you approve of them and are interested in the conversation.

    If he's as shy as you say he may have been to embarrassed to make the first move. You may not be able to get him back but you can do some flirting and see how he responds. Since you know how he reacted when he liked you it should be obvious if he still has feelings or not. Also keep an eye out for how he treats other girls and see if it's different than how he treats you.

  • 9 years ago

    Ya it def sounds like he had/has a crush on you! But you said hes shy so maybe you didnt give the signals back so he felt a little shut down. Try talking to him. Give some eye contact back. Hes def digging you girl.

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    9 years ago

    He did like you, you're right. As for getting him back I don't know what do you think he liked about you?

    Do things to make him notice you we men are reasonably easy creatures its like a kitten no matter how uninterested it is at first if you provoke it enough it will play.

  • 9 years ago

    To get him back. Try asking him out. Or even talking to him. Give him your number and text him. As long as you make contact with him he wont turn you down and it probably couldnt get any worse.

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  • 9 years ago

    text him or facebook him and be flirtatious.

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