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the baby name Astrid?

my aunt is having her first baby and im really excited for her, but i don't really like it... she might get made fun of in school kids might call her "A$$" what do you think of it? should i try to convince her not to name her that?


How about suggestions?

Update 2:

ok, she's not sewdish, shes American

Update 3:

ok, she's not sewdish, shes American

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    please try and convince her to name her child something else.

    tell her astrid can be the middle name.

    as a first name it's too old fashioned and its rather disgusting to name a child astrid in this generation. she will be made fun of her whole life.

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    Astrid Baby Name

  • My mother is Swedish and half my extended family still lives in Sweden, so I love the name! In Sweden it is a very common name and no one would get picked on in school for having the name Astrid. Here in America however, children are less cultural and lack manners. So yes, little Astrid may get teased in school. It doesn't change the fact that I love the name because it reminds me of my Swedish heritage! Even my favorite Swedish children's author (Astrid Lindgren) has that name! I love it, but American bullies are stupid!

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    I think the name is beautiful and has a strength factor to it. I heard that it is actually pronounced AS-TREE? I'm not sure. But either AS-TRID or AS-TREE I like the name. It's certainly better than Gracelynn or Peyton. Astrid is beautiful. People put too much emphasis on the syllables that sound like a bad word when it's actually not a big deal at all.

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    Astrid is a horrible name. Sounds made up, something you would name a dog.

  • Kate
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    Yeah I dont like it either lol maybe Ashton? Sort of close to Astrid.

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    I'm Swedish and we use the name. It's nice to me.

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    Sucks; name the kid something else..

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    9 years ago

    it sounds rlly bad . convince her not to do it.

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