No offense to Christians but...?

How can you believe in god? What reason do you have? Do.t tell me anything about the bible, as it contradicts itself, and as most Christians will say that the bible should not be taken seriously and at the same time should be basically read like a history book. I used to be a Christian until I actually READ the bible. And btw, if your religion is correct, then your god may not be the only one out there. In the ten commandments it says "thou shalt not worship any other god or idol before me", this does not say that God is the only god, in fact, it almost supports the idea of other gods. Although I have many other arguments against Christianity, I will only say one last thing. There is no proof of Jesus, plus he was forgotten for at least 70 years, then suddenly everyone remembered who he was. Including a certain man named Paul, who never even met Jesus.

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    Look man, people wanna believe there are some rules and regulations to the world because it makes them feel better, and when you come along and say they don't exist, it makes them have to reevaluate their whole life, and they hate it; they get angry at you; because you're messing up their peace.

    They have developed a piece of mind from the idea that god is great, and god is good, and if you do right things you'll go to heaven. That ideology literally helps them get through the day man, and for a lot of people it's a nice simple box to put the world in.

    And when you say, look! It's just a box! Throw it away!

    They say, screw you! Give me my box!

    The real problem is when anyone says that they know, that's when it's a problem. No, you don't know man: you're not dead, you're not an alien, you're not from the future, you're not from heaven, you don't know. What's good is to offer advice and say, this is what I've learned from my experiences, and this could possibly help you if you come across the same situation. I've learned to be nicer to people, I've learned to look at my life objectively and look in the mirror when I got problems. Those are all good things that can help you.

    What doesn't help is when people start yelling and ranting that other people have to follow their lead, because when people pretend they have the answer it ruins everyone's search for the "real" answer because there's an option to not even think: there's an option to say screw the search for the truth, let's follow wherever these douchebags are going.

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    How you figure the Bible contradicts itself?

    I have had my personal experiences...not to mention I have done my research.


    I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

    The Case for a Creator/For Christ/For Easter

    Refuting Evolution

    Modern Science in the Bible

    So What's the Difference?



    A lot of people claim that the Bible made them an Atheist or unbeliever. That is because they read a part in there that offended them but didn't bother to think, question, and research it.

    I have come across scripture that at first seemed immoral and evil. That was until I researched it and was open to something other than "God's a monster." That takes humbling oneself and being open minded vs the closed minded "God is a jerk no matter what." mentality.

    A funny thing or maybe sad not sure which is that Atheists on one hand will say the Bible is a fairy tale, but on the other hand will pull verses out of scriptural and historical context to some how prove i is evil or that God is evil.

    So on one hand they are saying the Bible is bull and none of those events happened. Yet on the other they are saying the events did happen and try to use them to some how prove God/the Bible is evil.

    Many say there is no evidence for Jesus when there actually is

    like the book I mentioned the Case for Christ

    And I am not sure where you get this idea that no one remembered Jesus for 70 years. The disciples who saw Jesus rise from the dead didn't forget Him for 70 years.

    Now concerning this bogus idea that there is no evidence for Jesus

  • You're wrong on several counts, Sam.

    For those who take the time to study the Bible, it certainly does not contradict itself. Most Christians do not say the Bible should not be taken seriously, as you claim. Your understanding of ancient Hebrew translated to Middle English is inadequate; the Bible does not leave room for the existence of other gods; it merely acknowledges that people worship other false gods.

    I'm not sure where you get your conspiracy-theorist fueled idea that Jesus didn't exist, or that he was forgotten, but the history simply doesn't support you on this. If what you say is true, then the burden of proof is on you to provide an explanation for the development of history without the revolutionary ideas of Jesus. Why, for instance, did attitudes about the value of life suddenly change? Why did millions come to follow Jesus? Why did other pagan beliefs begin to copy Christian teachings? You can't just say "Suppose that ..." and be free from the logical consequences. You have to provide a theory that explains these things. So far, no one can.

    Does God Exist? A Christian debates renouned atheist philosopher Antony Flew:

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    Do you honestly believe that the universe happened by chance? That something this massive just happened for no apparent reason? even if I weren't christian I would believe in a god. It's crazy to believe that there was nothing to begin the process of earth's development, that it just, "happened."

    The bible does contradict itself. A lot. I too questioned my faith when i actually read it.There are two completely different creation stories in the first few chapters of genesis. But any book written over the course of a few thousand years should. Just think how much our views as a nation have changed on issues like racism over a mere hundred years. The writers of the bible wrote from their own perspective, where slavery was fine as was polygamy. However, the basic truths of the bible are consistent.

    I know this sounds dumb, but it really wouldn't be faith if there was proof of Jesus, would it? This probably won't change your mind, but maybe you can see it from our perspective now.

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    Get a grip on y'self laddie.

    There are NO contradictions in God's Holy Bible, and

    should be taken very seriously -

    If you were ever a Christian (which I seriously doubt),

    you will KNOW the answers to these stupid questions.

    In the Commandment you question, God acknowledges the fact

    that we humans will create our own false gods . . .

    As to Secular records there are more documents proving the existence of Jesus

    than there is for Julius Caesar . . .


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    There is a massive amount of proof for the Bible being true, and for God being real

    Much more than for any other world view, even yours

    Fulfilled prophecy-

    1/3 of the whole Bible is prophecy, 2/3 of that has happened

    No other book on earth can say that. People of all different backgrounds separated by hundreds and thousands of years, different languages, and countries, writing what would happen. Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies

    Miracles- they happen all the time

    Answered prayers

    Changed lives


    The order of the universe

    Eyewitness evidence

    Outside source evidence

    Archaeological evidence

    theres no used to be a Christian, you might have called yourself that, but either you never were one, or you will come back

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    You needed someone to explain the Bible to you. It is a complex book. The Church put it together, and the Church understands it best. Get your explanation there.

    The early Christians did not forget Jesus. Give the book of Acts a read. Something being written a little later,and not being a line-by-line running account of history as was being made does not mean that nothing happened until it was written!

    You try to put a burden on the Bible that you wouldn't put on any other writing.



    About Orthodox Christianity:

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    God isn't seeking to turn out whatever ! He was once enjoyable the Scriptures, which calls for blood for the forgiveness of sin. In OT days (the sacrificial systen) required the sinner to take an animal (with out blemish) to be sacrificed in his stead for his sins, then the priest gathered a few blood and endured the process inside the temple, for the forgiveness of the sin. This is what Jesus refered to whilst He stated "It is completed" as He was once loss of life at the pass. Psalm 22 has a unique prophecy of Jesus dying.

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    I see your point...

    You can't expect to know someone or believe in their existence if you never had contact or communicated with them.

    If you could ask God 1 question right now what would it be? If you want this question answered pray to God and use his personal name Jehovah.

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    No offense to Atheists but how can you believe in Darwin? ever meet him or just read about him?

    How can you prove he existed??? Writings??? Someone elses picture.


    There is more proof that Jesus lived than probably you are living now-----How many books have been written about you ??????/ BIG ZERO

    And yes, there are many arguments about Darwin


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