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Why is my female cat suddenly hissing at my other female who recently had kittens?

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  • 9 years ago
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    There are all these new kittens in the house and it's upsetting her. Cats don't do well with change and the addition of all these kittens has completely changed her home. It's common for a cat to react to this by hissing at Everyone.

    Just give her time (and keep her away from the kittens) she will eventually return to normal.

    And cats don't Want to have kittens like people do. They have a instinctive need to mate but that's all.

    Source(s): Owner of 6 cats
  • 9 years ago

    shes jealous because her friend got pregnant with her lover cats babies. Female cats can also be pretty territorial. Since your cat just had babies that means shes fertile now, so theyre both going to be fighting over the tom cat boy's attention. Maybe the cat that didnt have babies found another man and doesnt want the heifer to steal this one from her too. So shes telling her to back off so she can get knocked up.

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