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What's wrong with being a metrosexual?

I'm a 23 year old guy, I am masculine, I am into keeping in good shape and I am NOT gay. I find the thought just sick to get with another guy ( no offense to any gay guys). Most certainly IF I was gay, I wouldn't mind being open to it and having pride in it, but I am 100% straight and attracted to women. I love playing basketball and going to the gym lifting weights and a big fan of football as well, I don't pluck my eyebrows, I dont look in the mirror every 5 minutes, and I am NOT obsessed with my hair, or better yet do anything that is over the top. I listen to hip hop and house music (which people think if a guy likes house he is gay too)I take care of myself, like to smell good, and I am into the finer things in life, such as nice style of clothing, expensive cars, how is that a bad thing? I see it as having good taste and good hygiene. I am a young entrepeneur and I make lots of money, so I can afford this lifestyle, is it that people are just jealous? I can see if was really girly and over the top but I am not, and I am not the most macho guy in the world either, but I suppose I would be classified as a metro just because taking care of myself matters and that I like expensive things, but how exactly is that a bad thing? I'm just doing me,

I suppose I am more like a Guido since those type of males are ALSO into nice bodies, nice clothes, and nice cars but not girly. A metro I think is a guy that is over the top, plucks his eyebrows, isn't in to anything manly at all, but is attracted to women and not men. Either way, I see no problem and I don't see the whole big deal about it.

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    I'm a metrosexual and I see no problem with it. Sure I get teased a lot but I'm naturally have a slightly more feminine personality. However I have a girlfriend and I identify as completely straight.

    There's really no problem.

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    Homophobic people came up with the term metrosexual. Just because one guy doesn't care much about his appearance and another guy does doesn't mean the two guys are any different than the other. I personally am more attracted to a guy that takes five minutes to look nice rather than a guy that sniffs a shirt off the floor and goes. Homophobic people put it out in the world that because a guy isn't constantly covered in mud or smelling like sweat that he is acting too girly, and therefore must be gay. I say don't worry about. Stressing about it makes the homophobic people "win".

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