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Why do puppy dogs grow up so fast?

It's amazing how dogs grow up so fast and they start out so cute and innocent so tiny and small and by just a couple of weeks they get bigger and bigger and they have already grown up into vicious big dogs by six weeks or something. Why? If I get puppy dogs the minute they are born what can I do to prevent them from growing? Should I starve them and feed them very little so they don't get enough vitamins to grow bigger? I want them to stay puppys forever and not grow up into ugly mean vicious dogs.

It's like when pokemon evolve but you can press B to stop evolution or give them a everstone so they don't evolve.

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    9 years ago
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    A better question, in your case, would be "why do human brains develop so slowly?"

  • Ganal
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    9 years ago

    Puppies grow. Give them poor care and neglect and you can be tossed in jail and be fined for animal cruelty.

    If cared for and socialized well puppies grow up to be good dogs. Only if they are treated poor, bred poor, etc will they become viscous.

    Pokemon is a fake world and a video game. Things in the real world do not work that way.

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    no offense but your question leaks of ignorance. what do you mean vicious dogs??

    dogs do mature faster than humans but that is because their life time is that much shorter than us. in the end, everything becomes old and there is nothing you can do to stop nature from crawling in. you can't compare a kid's game to reality. how would i sound if i said "ugh why can't babies stay babies forever instead of growing into ugly mean vicious adults? can i deprive them of their vitamins so that they don't grow as fast?"

    that would be the same thing as abuse.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    dogs age 7x faster than humans do

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