Ok so this dream this guy had all he wants to talk about ?

Ok so this guy that I like and he likes me he had a dream that we had sex and he tells me about it when we talk on the phone and he gives me all the details!! And every night when we talk all he wants to do is talk about that dream and he always wants me to tell him how the dream goes and I want to change the subject and he let's me but half of the time I don't have anything else to change the subject to so any ideas what to change the subject to and it's kinda awkward to talk on the phone in detail about the sex dream he had in detail cause were only in the 9th grade and we aren't even dating

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Straight Up Tell Him You Dont Wanna Talk Bout His Dream,, and Just to let you know he wants to do it with you if he wont shutup bout the dream,,

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