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What is this creepypasta about?

Is the Ben Drowned one, Ok I don't want any video or image. just put the story as much as Yahoo Answers lets you, but don't put any link please, ten points to the brave one who watched the video :D

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    Ben Drowned is about the legand of zelda. i think the whole games satanic. but things come near you and say you should not of done that. and this one pic looks in your soul and grabs it. please dont look at this pic or vid unless your a brave person. and a player saved his game on that game before he got drowned. another story is that clevorbot is ben's ghost. i talked to him and he said he drowend himself.

    but i dont think its true creepypasta is plane dumb and a big lye as in happy appy,jeff the killer, slenderman, the rake, lavender town syndrome,BEN drowned,SMILE DOG,SQUIDWARDS SUICIDE,DEAD BART,SPONGEBOB BOOTLEG,HOPE IS LOST, teddy the rugrats theory.

    Source(s): i go on creepypasta all the time!
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