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D_21 asked in PetsCats · 9 years ago

Pink almost reddish cat vomit?

This morning after I fed both my cats I let one of them outside (they both are indoor/outdoor cats so this is common.) After a while I went outside to hang out on my deck. I was petting her while she was on hte rail when I noticed that down on the lawn at the foot of the stairs was a pretty long line of vomit. One of them vomiting doesn't all that often, but with two cats seeing such a thing is a semi-regular part of life. The thing I noticed about it that is bugging me is that it was a pinkish / almost red color. The food isn't that color at all. Its all browns and tans.

She has eaten since then, but now she doens't seem very interested in her food.

I would like to note that my mom (yes, I'm an adult who lives at home. not important right now.) has recently started buying different types of cat food for them. I've tried to stress in the past the importance of only feeding them one or two types of food and staying regular with that. She doesn't want to hear that. She wants to buy whatever's on sale or what she has a coupon for. Plus "they're bored with the flavor!" Right now we literally have like five different kinds of food available. They'll actually turn their nose up at what you give them until you give them which ever one they want.

**None of the food are pink or red at all though. I don't know if the new foods have anything to do with it. I'm a bit worried.

♦What can cause a cat to vomit pink? ♦

I know I may need to take her to a vet. We have a very good vet, but I want a clue so I know if that's really necessary or not. Vet's are expensive. I don't want to put kitty through a bunch of tests for them to find nothing, or send her home with a diagnosis of a hairball.

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    If this has only happened once I wouldn't stress about it. He may have eaten something at someone else's house.

    Keep him inside so you can watch him, so you know whether or not he's still vomiting

    If you Have to have different kinds of food then at least mix them together so they get used to having a mix- it's the switching that's the problem, so if it's a constant mix they May be ok.

    Or You could buy the food yourself and then you could keep it constant,

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    If your cat doesn't resume eating, then you should go to the vet. Which cat food you get is more important that your mom realizes! They need one food, and just one brand! I would buy more canned than dry because it is now known that cats need more water than they drink. And many dry foods are

    more like "doom kibble" than a good food to eat! Try getting the highest quality food you can, and maybe your pets will have less health problems and a longer life. I buy Instinct canned and Wellness canned, but they are from the pet store and not the grocery store.

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    Pink or red in vomit, urine or the stool is usually a sign of blood - not good. It's a potential emergency, but maybe it is just something simple. Good luck to your kitties.

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