What is the difference between War and Revolution?

I have to research on it for a descriptive account. please help....

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    9 years ago
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    A war is armed conflict between two opposing sides. A war can occur for various reasons, including revolution. A revolution is an overthrow of the government by its people, who subsequently set up a new form of government. A revolution does not always have to be implemented through war, it can be peaceful. A war can (and usually does) occur between two opposing countries, which cannot, by definition, be considered any type of revolution.

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    A war is between two opposing factions. For example, two countries or, in the case of a civil war, against two factions within the same country. A revolution is an uprising against an entity who holds control. It could be a government, so a revolution by the people might be an uprising against a tax, or some proposal the government is enacting. You can have a student revolution - for example, the one going on in Quebec at the moment, where university students have taken to the streets to protest fee increases. There are other types of revolutions - the industrial revolution for example, where mechanization rose up against traditional ways of doing things. So a war is between two opposing factions, but a revolution is an action by one faction against another.

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    War is generally between different Nations, for land or religion, whereas a Revolution is civil unrest against the present Government going one step further, Violence. Revolution is a political weapon to be used to undermine the present Government in a country, and then replace it with something "better".

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    9 years ago

    A revolution in my eyes is a civil war but the rebellion being the winner at the end of it.

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