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Internet DNS question?

On my ps3 I set up a static IP address and port forwarded and now it's asking for 2 DNS. If I enter a wrong DNS will it cause lag on my ps3? Also how do I find the 2 best DNS?

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    Assuming you are connecting through a router, then I would set both DNS addresses to be the address of the router. It does not matter if they are both set to the same address. Your router will act as a relay and will automatically use the DNS addresses recommended by your ISP. If your router isn't working you cannot connect to the Internet anyway so using the router as a relay does not introduce any additional risks. For devices on most home networks, you will find that the gateway address and the DNS address are the same one. To find these addresses, from a normal PC that is getting its address automatically from the router, open up a command line window (hold down the Windows key and press 'R'; then type CMD and press return) and in the window run the command

    ipconfig /all

    You should see all your network adapters listed with details of the settings for each network.

    If your ISP changes the recommended DNS addresses because of a server failure, then by using the router as the DNS relay, your PS3 will be getting its look ups from the new recommended DNS servers.

    You can go directly to external DNS servers, and if you do, then I would normally go for Google's servers:


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