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Do I go with my personal feelings, or the feelings of my parents?

Well, me and this guy are completely head over heels for each other (I am 19, and he is 22). I come from a very religious family & so does he. Unfortunately in the past he made some mistakes (who hasn't?) & to be honest, he went to jail for something that happened 3 years ago. He is currently on a better path of life and is doing his best to get to a place that he needs to be. Well, my parents found out about the jail thing, & have told me that I am not allowed to be alone with this guy. Keep in mind that we have spent time alone with one another multiple times already. I'm only allowed to see him at church functions, and I'm not allowed to pair off with him (this even includes me driving him to any church functions). Yes, I have my free will, but the problem is, is that if my parents were to find out I had spent time with him they will discipline me (for not even necessarily doing something wrong in my opinion) for simply spending time with someone they haven't even met. What is your guys' opinions? Do I still do what I feel is right, even though it is contrary to my parents, or do I just simply do what my parents ask & not question it?

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    Your parents haven't met him and they know that he's been to jail... if you can prove he's a good guy, then let them meet at least.

    At the moment, he's some shady guy who is going to turn their baby girl into a criminal.

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