has there been any occasions where a soldier or marine had to confront an enemy with their hands up close?

in afghanistan?


@rescueto oh god that guy is an SAS, those talibans must have been thrashed pretty badly lol

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  • 9 years ago
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    I read a story about a SF soldier who thought it was his buddies behind him but it wasn't and they tackled him to the ground and broke his collar bone and then he just killed all three of them with his bare hands and one of the Taliban insurgents were armed with an AK.

  • 9 years ago

    In 2004 approximately 20 British troops is Basra were ambushed by about 100 enemy forces. The British troops, running low on ammo, fixed bayonets and fearlessly charged into the enemy causing the enemy to route. Not a single British troop was lost that day.

    "The British soldiers charged across 600 feet of open ground toward enemy trenches. They engaged in intense hand-to-hand fighting with the militiamen. Despite being outnumbered and lacking ammunition, the Argylls and Princess of Wales troops routed the enemy"


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    Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith earned the Victoria Cross by single-handedly wiping out two talib machine gun nests in Afghanistan - with his bare hands, mind you.

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    ohh, Im sure, but probably not documented

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