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Please SOMEBODY name an entity more evil than God?

Irrespective of whether God is a fictional character of a novel, or a real entity, can somebody please give me the name of ANY ONE character, whether real or fictional, that has committed more evil and immoral actions than the God of the Bible?


Just name one.

Darth Vedar? Sauron? Hitler? Satan? Freddie Kreuger? Ted Bundy? Stalin? The Grinch?

Name one entity that has ordered the rape of MORE women

and has tortured MORE people for a LONGER time

and has drowned MORE babies

and has done MORE to institutionalize slavery

and has committed MORE genocide

etc etc etc

Please just fill in the blanks: "An entity that has committed more evil actions than God exists and his/her name is ____________"

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  • 9 years ago
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    Its a good thing there hasnt been anything that evil that has ever existed

  • 9 years ago

    An entity that has committed more evil actions than God exists and his name is "Darth Hitler"

    This evil dark lord of the 3rd reich wanted all women raped, even his neice.

    He tortured anyone who got in his way for rule of the galaxy.

    He drowned and burned the women who were pregnant and not gave birth to take two lives at once.

    He gathered all slaves to build his planet destroying space station.

    As for genocide... his space station destroys planets...

  • 9 years ago

    You judge God like you judge a man. You can't do this. God is defined as being perfect... infinite. He is beyond human definitions of good and evil, since he is the metaphysical embodiment of good. If good exists, he exists. Therefore, he cannot be evil. Evil is without him, like evil is the absence of good that ought to be there. Judge God as good or evil as you would judge the universe as being good or evil... in other words... don't. ...This is all in the definition of God... even if he were fictitious, you still would not be allowed to violate this definition.

    An entity that has committed more evil actions than God exists and his/her name is [insert name of any human being who has ever existed... sans Christ (who... is God)].


    I like how you presented this question as though it were a reasonable, rational, simple request, yet, even before you asked it, you were closed to any argument against it. Of course my response seems ridiculous. You have predetermined that any response like mine must be senseless. You really shouldn't deceive people and present this front that you actually give opposing answers more thought than the amount required to understand what the words mean.


    Sorry about that little outburst. It just pisses me off that you guys claim to be open-minded and freethinking, but anything relating back to the "old ways" is immediately dismissed as archaic, outdated, wishful-thinking, and false. That's not open-mindedness!

  • 9 years ago

    Galactius, he eats worlds, a lot of death there.

    Thanos, he once sacrificed half of the known and unknown universe with a wave of his hand.

    DEATH: the thing that kills anything and everything it touches.

    And for the record, God also does some good things... well most good things... actually all Good things.. so he is quite possibly the most neutral guy ever.

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  • 4 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    there isnt one eviler than god. we are all so confused on what is right and what is wrong that we blame mistakes on this and that and as life keeps going on we are led to believe new things grow old and die. we are raised to believe life is good and we should thank god but in truth we never asked for it? so we live constantly worshipping a concieted egotistical being from fear of going to hell.

    there isnt. god created satan the ultimate evil thus being evil to us for creating such a thing. think of it as unleashing a rabid dog on a little kid.

  • 9 years ago

    Why do Atheists insist of arguing from WILLFUL ignorance? Is that that difficult to actually question your beliefs to see whether or not God really is this barbaric lunatic monster? Oh, but no, we cannot see for ourselves if God is truly horrible and evil or loving and merciful and just. Why? Because that would take away our excuse to not believe in God. The excuse being, "Why should I believe in such an evil sadistic God?" If it was proven God is not evil and sadistic, then that excuse for unbelief and refusing to repent and trust in Jesus would be wiped away.






  • 9 years ago

    Lord Voldemort

  • 9 years ago

    Sorry I cannot think of any entity more evil than this God that is supposedly all-loving.

  • Liam
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    9 years ago

    Fictional? Ramsay Snow. Not kidding.

    But the character of god has the highest body count.

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