weird childs movie from the 90s?

I cannot remember what this movie was called but i know i used to love to watch it when i was younger. it's not animated, it has real people in it. the movie starts off with a girl and her family in a grocery store or something and somehow she gets knocked out and ends up in this weird world with this evil man in charge of it. kind of like the king i guess. and the girl's sister is supposed to marry this really nice guy, but the evil man locks the man away in an underground jail looking thing because he wants to marry her and make her his "queen." in the movie the girl i guess it trying to save her sister or something and i remember at some point there are weird characters driving these go-kart looking things around. in the end of the movie, the girl wakes up and the whole thing was just a dream. i remember that she woke up on her couch and her family was standing around her. i really want to know what the movie is!

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  • Tas
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    9 years ago
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    Babes In Toyland [1986]--Drew Barrymore??

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